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Music and the arts play an important part in the work and Ministry of The Salvation Army. Beginning with the first Salvation Army brass band that ‘protected’ a young officer girl, to the recent ISB120 Celebration in the Royal Albert Hall with Staff Bands from around the world. Originally Salvation Army bands were used to attract listeners to the Word, and provide ‘portable’ music to the leaders of open air evangelistic meetings. It is true to say that The Salvation Army plays and sings itself around the world with its ministry in 124 countries!

In 2008 Eddie Hobgood, a Major in The Salvation Army wrote and played the musical “Brengle My Life’s Ambition” at the Gwinnett Arena in Atlanta GA. “Brengle” has been performed in other parts of the US and other countries such as Sweden, and England.

In 2011 now Lt.Col. Eddie Hobgood transports us to the mid 1800′s and to the streets of London where The Salvation Army was born.

Use this website to get resources and examples on how to reproduce these inspiring works that are now a part of The Salvation Army’s art repertory.

For general information on world-wide work and ministry of The Salvation Army go to www.salvationarmy.org.

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